Multi-Year Funding+

FurtherJustice’s Legal Accelerator Grants provide multi-year funding coupled with intensive individualized programmatic assistance to help community-based organizations grow client centered civil legal service programs.

Funding: Up to $375,000 Total

Year 1: Committed $150,000
Year 2: Committed $150,000
Year 3: Potential for $75,000 as a match

Beyond Funding

In addition to grants of up to $375,000, FurtherJustice provides intensive individualized programmatic assistance for a period of two years to enable grantees to focus primarily on client legal work.* Depending on the needs of the organization, such support may include:

Program development and management

Volunteer & pro bono recruitment and management

Networking and mentorship support

Assistance with sustainability and growth

*FurtherJustice’s assistance will not include any work on client cases.

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