FurtherJustice provides Legal Ecosystem Grants to legal capacity-building organizations that make it easier and/or more likely for low-income and underserved communities in New York State to get the best possible legal information, legal advice, and/or legal representation in civil law matters.

Grant Amount: $5,000 – $30,000
Grant Type: General Operating
Grant Term: 1 Year
Grant Application Period (now closed): Jan. – Feb. 2024

Through these grants, we aim to increase the impact of the civil legal sector by supporting organizations that develop, support, or strengthen the skills necessary for the sector to meet and adapt to the changing or growing needs of underrepresented communities.

Ecosystem Grants are intended for established organizations with a track record of success in legal capacity-building.

Not Sure if Your Organization Qualifies as a Legal Capacity-Building Organization?

Examples of legal capacity-building missions and/or work might include:

Legal technology development and innovation

Legal training and education

Technical assistance for legal providers and professionals

Advocacy or strategic impact litigation

Pipeline programs for justice workers

Research, data collection and analysis related to legal outcomes

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