Published on May 31, 2024

FurtherJustice Awards $400,000+ to 2024 Legal Ecosystem Grantees

FurtherJustice is thrilled to announce that it has awarded a total of $400,000+ in general operating grants to 24 exceptional organizations through its Legal Ecosystem Grant Program. Each grantee works to make it easier for low-income and underserved communities across New York State to get the best possible legal information, representation and/or empowerment in civil law matters. They accomplish that goal by using a myriad of tools and multi-disciplinary approaches that deepen the impact of their local legal ecosystems.

Among the 2024 Legal Ecosystem Grantees are organizations that:

  • facilitate crucial Know Your Rights workshops;
  • provide deep technical assistance, mentorship and incubation for legal providers and justice workers;
  • develop accessible legal empowerment materials and legal technology for self-represented individuals and community advocates;
  • build coalitions and campaigns calling for equitable access to legal representation and justice; and
  • holistically represent communities in ways that provide comprehensive care and multi-faceted support.

These organizations work with a range of underrepresented communities, including the families of those incarcerated, youth, domestic violence survivors, and those facing serious illness. They offer a variety of civil legal services, including immigration, housing, family law, economic justice, and re-entry. Together, these organizations are working alongside and outside of traditional service models to dismantle barriers to legal empowerment within New York’s civil justice system.

FurtherJustice 2024 Legal Ecosystem Grantees:





  • Co-Counsel NYC
    immigration training, co-counseling and technical support for legal providers and advocates





  • Family Legal Care
    legal guidance and technology for unrepresented individuals in Family Court


  • Immigrant ARC
    immigration law training and policy institute for immigration legal providers




  • Justicia Lab
    digital technology for immigrant justice and workers’ rights





  • New Economy Project
    advocacy, coalition-building and legal support rooted in economic and housing justice



  • The Door
    wrap-around support and empowerment for youth


  • The Family Center
    wrap-around services for individuals impacted by serious illnesses or disability






In addition to its Legal Ecosystem Grant Program, through its multi-year Legal Accelerator Grant Program, FurtherJustice supports the launch of client-centered civil legal services programs within community-based organizations.

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